– What Makes a Good Coffee Bean? – What Makes a Good Coffee Bean?

If you are looking for the best coffee bean in the market, you might want to know the characteristics of a good one. At, you will know what things you should consider before you make your final decision.

Freshness of Roast

It is important to note that coffee is a fruit. It’s actually a cherry and carefully grown processed agricultural produce. Therefore, fresh is always the best. Look for the coffee beans with clear printed roast date on them. Coffee that cannot tell you this information probably does not want to. So, make sure to check the packaging about its best before date. If possible, buy coffee bean as freshly roasted. Basically, the ideal peak flavor times are found between day seven and day fourteen, which is the norm for many cafes you visit. You may still use coffee beans for up to four weeks, yet after day fourteen, the flavor intensity and quality would start to fade.

Roast Profile

It’s where your preferences for brewing comes in. There is no wrong answer here. The choice is yours. When it comes to filter roast and espresso roast, coffee displays such tags that were roasted with particular brewing equipment. Espresso roast coffee has been made in roaster, which increases body and caramelization. This suits on espresso machines to extract tasty elixir. Filter roasted coffee, on the other hand, was developed to retain more sparkling acidity, which a filtered cup of brew wants. Therefore, if your coffee is prepared manually through a pour over, you must seek bags with filter roasted label on them.

Single Origin or Blend

If you like to drink coffee with milk, you can consider a blend. However, you can select a single origin if you prefer a black coffee. With blended coffees, particular single origins have been selected to use in the blend, which make a balanced and complex espresso while having milk based beverages in mind. Coffee has been selected carefully to offer increased body, delicious brown sugary flavors or to add floral complexity to balance espresso.

Single origin coffee is from single known geographic location like estate or farm. It enables coffee drinker to appreciate certain nuance that particular region offers. If you love black coffee, you’ll likely enjoy subtlety of flavor much easier without milk.


Since coffee is a kind of fruit, the apples are one of the examples to provide as to why varietal plays an important role when it comes to preference. Some people like apples, which is a safe bet. However, the preferences are different when choosing various apples. The common coffee varietals are Caturra, Typica, and Bourbon. While most countries would tend to favor growing particular varietals, it isn’t uncommon to see varietals transplanted to several regions. Geisha varietal is basically famous. Its saturated sweetness, vibrant flavors, and clarity may range anywhere from dark berry to mango or peach. Usually, geisha coffee comes with reasonable price tag, yet if you want to give somebody a gift, it’s a no brainer especially if he or she is a coffee lover.

If you want to know more about everything coffee, check out

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7 Tips On How to Make Your Business Successful in Spokane

Our world is on the brink of an economic crisis. Small business owners in Spokane are really worried that a recession might affect their business. That is the biggest reason why we must think of ways on how to survive especially in the field of business. If you are thinking of putting up a business then you must have sufficient knowledge in order for you to become successful.

Here are 7 tips that will help you make it in business:

  1. Be patient, don’t rush. In everything we do, patience is very important. Success can’t be achieved in just split seconds. Take it one step at a time and have your focus. Rushing will not do you any good. This might ruin everything. It’s better to be slow but sure. Take Dave Christy Insurance, for example. A long-standing pillar in the community that tookna long time to flower.
  2. Be unique, be original. Believe in yourself. Have faith in your ideas and marketing strategies. There is a big possibility that you will attract a lot of people particularly those who are likely to buy your products with your fresh and new ideas.
  3. Think about your product. You must determine what products you are going to sell. It is not necessary for you to sell a specific product. You can have as many products as you like but you must make sure that these products are in demand to the people.
  4. Location. A very important key so that an entrepreneur will become successful in his/her chosen business is a good location. Make sure that your business is in a place wherein it can be easily reached by people.
  5. Know your consumers. Find out what kind of consumers would you like to sell your products. By knowing this you will also determine what kind of products are you going to sell.
  6. Capital. Aside from a good business location, the capital or the money that you are going to use in putting up a certain business is also very essential. If you are planning to have your own business then you must have enough resources.
  7. Promotion and advertisements. Make your products known. Have several ads or campaigns so that the people will recognize the products that you are selling. If you have adequate capital then you can make this happen.

Putting up a business in Spokane is not as easy as you think especially nowadays that we are experiencing a crisis. But you can make it if you will persevere and if you are determined. Your success is really up to you.

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Marketing Your Small Business: It’s Easier Than You Think

A lot of small business owners come to think of online marketing as hopeless. Google search results place the large companies on page 1, while small business websites are down on page 25, beneath a lot of newspaper articles and sites that went defunct in 1997. This leaves many small business owners scratching their heads. Even with keywords used in abundance, a user-friendly website, the perfect products, and services, the hits don’t come. Customers continue to go to the huge competitors, whose service, we all know, is inferior.

So, if you’re wondering how to market small business, the key is to use that expertise which makes your service superior to that of the larger companies. What good is your expertise if no one knows about it? For this reason, if you’re a small business owner, the most important thing to do is to generate a buzz around your company. You must make your potential customers aware of the knowledge and ability that make your business so great.

But how can you do this? If you have a computer with access to the Internet and a word-processing program, then it’s not that difficult. Think of all the websites that you visit on a regular basis. How often does their content change? Most sites change their content on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Now, imagine what it takes to generate that content. At any given moment, there are millions of experts typing away at computers, creating the articles that we read throughout our days. Why not join the ranks of these unsung purveyors of knowledge? You know a lot about your field. Start writing articles.

Of course, you don’t want to write articles that directly promote your business. Today’s customers can spot an advertisement in a nanosecond, and the minute they spot one, they block it out. In your articles, keep your content strictly informative. Tell your readers something that, you feel, they need to know about your field. It’s as simple as that. Have you recently read something on the Web about your field that you disagree with? Is there an area of knowledge that you think is not well-covered on the Internet? If so, there is your starting point. Not only will you draw customers to your business, but you will also help fill knowledge voids on the Web.

On the Internet, good content is good advertising. Attached to each of your articles that gets published, there will be an “About the Author” box, where your readers can learn a little more about you and your business, and then they can follow your link to your business’s website. In short, you can’t earn your customers’ trust by advertising to them. What you can do is take advantage of the average consumer’s respect for well-written, informative content. If a reader enjoys your article and finds it informative, he or she is sure to follow the link in your “About the Author” box.

The next, step, after generating your content, is to find a way to get it published. Luckily, there are services that can help you do this. When you submit an article to an article marketing service, they will help you polish your content and your “About the Author” section. Then, they will make your articles available to content publishers throughout the Web. Thanks to the categorization process that most article marketing services use, your articles will be seen by publishers in your field. Soon, you might even see your content on one of your favorite sites.

So, start writing. In this day and age, small business owners must set themselves apart by showing that they have more expertise than the big companies. After a short time, thanks to your article marketing service, your website will be moving higher in the Google search results.

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Buy To Let Insurance: Getting The Right Cover

The boom in the buy to let market in Spokane over recent years has seen a lot of new landlords enter the area. Insurance is naturally a priority for all of us – but particularly so for those going into business. And the nature of a buy to let property means it is prudent to consider the benefits of a specific buy to let insurance.

For those entering the buy to let market, it can be a daunting experience. A multitude of things needs to be considered in order that a property is run well – from organizing Council Tax (which may not be payable if all tenants are in full-time education) to ensuring direct debits for water, gas, electricity are all set up.

But of course, there are great rewards for successfully rented properties, with happy, careful tenants who pay on time and cause few or no problems. This responsibility to tenants and taking care of the bricks and mortar of the building can be somewhat eased by the choice of suitable insurance cover.

Buy to let insurance might be considered just another gimmick from the insurance industry, but a closer look reveals a number of differences tailored to the buy to let landlord’s needs. One notable difference between buy to let insurance and the household cover is the amount of time a property can be left unoccupied – for normal household insurance it is 30 days, while a more specialised policy might provide 60 or perhaps 90 days cover.

It is important to remember when applying for your buy to let insurance you’ll be asked for the rebuild cost of your home. This is not the market value of your property, but the estimated cost of rebuilding it from scratch. In most cases, for modern properties, the rebuild cost will significantly lower than the market value. For older properties, however, achieving a similar effect could quite possibly cost significantly more.

When selecting your buy to let insurance, you may also wish to consider some sort of home emergency cover – some policies have this as standard. It is worth noting however that this is only for emergencies and not for general maintenance issues. Your buy to let insurance provider will also request that your property’s wiring is checked over if it was built before 1970. There are also likely to insist on an annual gas appliance check.

It is worth taking heed of the fact that many insurers will not provide buy to let insurance to properties inhabited by high-risk tenants. Controversial perhaps, but people such as students, those claiming state benefits, or sharing groups may be refused cover.

It is also advisable, when selecting a cover, to choose a policy which protects fixtures and fittings – as most buy to let homes in Spokane are let unfurnished or part-furnished.

The various other risks associated with renting a property are best dealt with by specialist buy to let insurance cover. There is certainly a range of other things to take into account, which would not normally figure in obtaining standard household insurance.

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Invest in a Good Coffee Maker from Lake City Coffee

Invest in a Good Coffee Maker from – It’s More Important Than What You Think

No two coffees are the same. All of you have tasted horrible and watered down coffee in the past. A genuine coffee drinker knows that they need a reliable coffee maker to prepare the best tasting cup of coffee possible. At, you will discover that a good brewer is one of the wisest investments you can ever make if you want to enjoy delicious coffee each and every time.

What Makes a Good Coffee Maker?

It is actually a tricky question. There are people who prefer using a Moka pot, while others love their French press coffee. And then there are also those who use a percolator. Each of these methods for coffee making works a bit differently that also leads to different tastes. There are many good reasons why a quality coffee maker can never be found in the bargain aisle.

Durability – Automatic and manual coffee makers can develop rust or break in time. Good models can last long with no need for you to replace them. As expected, you cannot say the same thing when it comes to budget models.

Flexibility – There are those times when you crave for espresso or Turkish coffee instead of your regular coffee. A good coffee maker model will let you enjoy some sort of flexibility when it comes to the types of coffee produced. This way, you can choose from a plethora of options.

Taste – The coffee’s taste is of utmost importance. This is the reason why someone chooses one coffee maker instead of the other even if the features are the same. If a coffee maker gets very hot, it’ll produce a burnt taste because of heat degrading the coffee grinds’ taste. Good coffee makers won’t have this problem.

There are also some considerations and features that would make a model better than another. The model should include the following:

Timers aren’t included in all models, yet these are a good bonus. Once the model has timers, you can be assured that coffee is ready anytime you want to drink it.

Others include grinders. Several high-end models include a built-in coffee grinder. It enables you to enjoy a good cup of coffee. You will also get rid of the need for separate grinders, which is an amazing bonus.

A good coffee maker should have the right amount of cups. It’s a huge concern, particularly in terms of espresso makers.

Good models come from the brands you can rely on. It means that if the machine breaks, you can find replacement parts or if there’s a warranty, have it fixed for free. It’s something that’s especially essential, particularly if a model is pricey. Always do a bit research into coffee maker’s brand you choose before buying. It will let you see how the customer service treats their customers. If the model breaks within the warranty period, you would want to know that there’s recourse available. Investing in good coffee makers is a great choice. If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you should get one from

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