– What Makes a Good Coffee Bean? – What Makes a Good Coffee Bean?

If you are looking for the best coffee bean in the market, you might want to know the characteristics of a good one. At, you will know what things you should consider before you make your final decision.

Freshness of Roast

It is important to note that coffee is a fruit. It’s actually a cherry and carefully grown processed agricultural produce. Therefore, fresh is always the best. Look for the coffee beans with clear printed roast date on them. Coffee that cannot tell you this information probably does not want to. So, make sure to check the packaging about its best before date. If possible, buy coffee bean as freshly roasted. Basically, the ideal peak flavor times are found between day seven and day fourteen, which is the norm for many cafes you visit. You may still use coffee beans for up to four weeks, yet after day fourteen, the flavor intensity and quality would start to fade.

Roast Profile

It’s where your preferences for brewing comes in. There is no wrong answer here. The choice is yours. When it comes to filter roast and espresso roast, coffee displays such tags that were roasted with particular brewing equipment. Espresso roast coffee has been made in roaster, which increases body and caramelization. This suits on espresso machines to extract tasty elixir. Filter roasted coffee, on the other hand, was developed to retain more sparkling acidity, which a filtered cup of brew wants. Therefore, if your coffee is prepared manually through a pour over, you must seek bags with filter roasted label on them.

Single Origin or Blend

If you like to drink coffee with milk, you can consider a blend. However, you can select a single origin if you prefer a black coffee. With blended coffees, particular single origins have been selected to use in the blend, which make a balanced and complex espresso while having milk based beverages in mind. Coffee has been selected carefully to offer increased body, delicious brown sugary flavors or to add floral complexity to balance espresso.

Single origin coffee is from single known geographic location like estate or farm. It enables coffee drinker to appreciate certain nuance that particular region offers. If you love black coffee, you’ll likely enjoy subtlety of flavor much easier without milk.


Since coffee is a kind of fruit, the apples are one of the examples to provide as to why varietal plays an important role when it comes to preference. Some people like apples, which is a safe bet. However, the preferences are different when choosing various apples. The common coffee varietals are Caturra, Typica, and Bourbon. While most countries would tend to favor growing particular varietals, it isn’t uncommon to see varietals transplanted to several regions. Geisha varietal is basically famous. Its saturated sweetness, vibrant flavors, and clarity may range anywhere from dark berry to mango or peach. Usually, geisha coffee comes with reasonable price tag, yet if you want to give somebody a gift, it’s a no brainer especially if he or she is a coffee lover.

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